GIANTS Software and John Deere announce farming fun for children


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The launch of Farming Simulator Kids will expand the family-friendly gaming universe. The acclaimed Farming Simulator series has always been popular among children, but the publisher and developer GIANTS Software has announced a brand-new game to introduce the next generation to the colourful and fun world of farming and nature. Farming Simulator Kids will be available on Nintendo Switch™ and mobile devices, suitable for all ages, in spring 2024.

Playful Agriculture and a Variety of Mini Games

With cute aesthetics, Farming Simulator Kids invites young players to live their best farm life. Educating and entertaining them in a child-friendly environment, the gameplay focuses on audiovisual presentation instead of text. Virtual neighbours – including some anthropomorphic animal characters – display their needs for help and ask young players to harvest crops or prepare a delicious sandwich.

Education and Entertainment for the Little Ones

Children explore farm locations to grow and harvest healthy crops, or care for farm animals like cows, chickens, or geese in their stables. As big tractors and other vehicles are a must, kids can operate a variety of machines by agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere, all while creating unforgettable and educational farming stories that are rewarded with achievements and can be captured with a video creator mode.

Experiencing the Value of Produce

“We’re thrilled beyond measure to introduce young children to farming in a playful and sheltered way,” says Thomas Frey, Creative Director at GIANTS Software. “With John Deere as our ideal partner for Farming Simulator Kids, we’re creating an educational and unforgettable – even inspiring – farming game for young players, one that may even nurture their general interest in farming.”

“It is a pleasure for us to support such an appealing project, which introduces children to agriculture in a playful way and awakens their interest in food production,” comments Stefan Mügge, Manager Marketing Communication at John Deere.

Aside from mini-games like gardening or sandwich making, there is much more to do. Little farmers visit their own farmers’ market to get a feeling for the value of the fresh produce they grew and cared for. They can trade items at a swap shop, create food items from produce, or simply chill out in their house, meeting lovable characters to interact with.

Feature Highlights

· Child-friendly graphics, music and sound effects

· Character creator with lots of styles and possibilities

· Multiple locations to explore: from farm to barn, market and more

· 10+ crops to plant and harvest, 75+ food items, 100+ objects and other items

· Vehicles and tools by John Deere

· Domestic and wild animals to befriend and care for

· Loveable characters and animals to meet

· Activities such as field tasks, driving vehicles, gardening and making sandwiches

· Achievement system and video creator

Farming Simulator Kids will be available for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices in Spring 2024. Further information can be found on the official Farming Simulator website and in the press area of GIANTS Software.


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