Our vision is to enhance machinery ownership and automate data collection for sustained growth.

Industry Leading Technologies

Whether the goal is increased accuracy through automated guidance, collection and analysis of valuable data, or an increased understanding of your fleet’s whereabouts, we at Farol have the solution for you.

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Maximum Performance & Uptime

We look at how we are continuing to support both new and existing John Deere customers with our Connected Support team. Focusing on how this can help you achieve maximum performance and uptime with industry leading technologies such as Expert Alerts and Remote Display Access.

John Deere OnLink​​

How do you meet the evolving needs of your golf course maintenance equipment and crew, let alone get ahead? Let John Deere Connectivity Solutions help.

  • Balance workloads and communicate assignments on your Workboard more efficiently
  • Adjust workboards on-the-fly, even when you are offsite
  • Simplify fleet maintenance and manage equipment usage with greater visibility
  • Gain 24/7 access to equipment location, location history, status, and performance
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METOS® - For Immpecable Turf Grass Management

Turfgrass managers are well aware that behind an envious sports turfs is more than just mowing and watering – it is science. Only by carefully monitoring soil conditions, strategically fertilizing, and keeping a close eye on what’s happening with each inch of turf, one can create a course with impeccable playing conditions.

You don’t have to break your buck to get started. We prepared a simple METOS® package for Turf Grass Management that consists of a Portable Soil Moisture Meter, SoilGuard, and a completely virtual weather station, METOS® VWS, that includes a weather forecast, work planning tools and turf disease prediction model.

John Deere Operations Center

A free tool from John Deere giving you the ability to unlock the full potential of your turf machinery fleet by optimising equipment utilisation and performance. Land management gives you accurate measurement of areas on the course. Accompanied by the work planner you can carry out precision spray applications whilst reducing chemical wastage. Following work, the analyser tool can be used to look back at previous applications.

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“We are one of the most technologically advanced dealers in all of Europe. We have a growing team ready to serve you and your business by utilising proven technology and data to help you plan, monitor, execute and analyse your turf operations. This helps you become more efficient and sustainable into the future.”

Jeff Richings
Jeff Richings

Technology Director at Farol Ltd

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