Welcome to Farol Plant, your one stop shop for everything from excavators and dumpers, to vibratory plates and auger drives.

One-stop Shop

To complement our agricultural and groundcare business, we supply a range of plant machinery from leading brands including Yanmar, Messersi, Ammann, NC and Avant. We also stock a range of associated equipment including Indespension trailers and Auger Torque earth drills and auger drives.

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Yanmar excavator history started with the launch of the word’s first compact excavator to the market in 1971. Since then YANMAR has always taken the lead in the industry through continuous innovation.

Yanmar now offer 2 series of excavators, “ViO” and “SV”, ranging from 0.8t to 10t. The “ViO” series are true zero tail swing excavators and the “SV” series are minimal tail swing excavators.


The most multi-functional loader in the world. Choose from over 200 attachments to create your perfect Avant setup.

From now on all your hard work will be done from the comfort of your seat.

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Amman produce a range of equipment including heavy rollers, rammers, vibratory plates and trenchers to cover all your ground compaction needs.

NC Engineering

Since 1975 NC Engineering have been committed to quality products at affordable prices, winning numerous awards for design and innovation through continuous research and development.

We stock a range of NC Engineering site dumpers from 1 tonne up to 9 tonne capacity, with straight, swivel and articulated models available.

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Messersi tracked dumpers use the most modern design technologies and high quality materials and components, allowing their machines to face every kind of challenge, always guaranteeing long lasting and high performances.

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